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The City Collies

Training for you and your dog! Our goal is to get your dog happy, confident and well behaved in any environment.

Meet   Brittany

Dog Trainer 

Owning a dog should be an enjoyable experience for both the human and the dog! Our goal is to get your dog happy, confident and well behaved in any environment. We offer results based methods that are customized to work with each individual dog and handler team. Our specialties include basic obedience, fear issues, separation anxiety, leash walking skills, dog sports, off leash training and more. Training adventures in the city are our favorite thing to do. If your dog can handle the city with ease, they can conquer any challenge that life presents! 

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Trainer Brittany started learning about dog behavior after adopting her first dog and realizing that he needed a great deal of behavioral modification as well as an outlet for his high energy. Since getting started in dog training, she has studied under many top trainers and behaviorists. Brittany has years of experience working with many different breeds, and has also trained and competed in multiple different dog sports with her own dogs. Most recently, she qualified for Dock Diving nationals with both of her dogs, placing in an NADD Regional Event at the Senior level with Elaine and winning the Elite level with Chiles. 

What I Specialize In:

Overnight Training & Boarding 

Training Day School

In-Home &  'Outings' Training

Dog Sports & 

Trick Training

Off Leash Training


No dog is turned away.

Let's train your dog together.  

...Working with her has changed both my situation and outlook on life with my pup and now I feel like I have the perfect companion and anything is possible with her help!

-Arshan y. 

I couldn’t even walk my dog down the street before Brittany...she was extremely helpful and patient with his quirks and struggles.

- Sam C. 

Brittany has known Loki since he was about 12 weeks old. She has helped us learn to teach him to have a great relationship with us, to love his crate, to “chill” in high anxiety situations, and much more. More recently she has helped us with leash training and pulling, neighborhood manners and tricks. Loki responds to her in such an amazing way and I am so glad to have her in our lives!

-Kaitlin W. 

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