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I couldn’t even walk my dog down the street before Brittany. He would see another dog and literally freak out - bark incessantly, pull, bite, etc. He couldn’t play with other dogs nicely, wouldn’t come when called, and would whine a ton. Brittany was able to get Cory crate trained, learn basic commands, and eventually be able to walk past dogs and play with them! She showed me all of the techniques she was using along the way so I was able to replicate his good behavior at home. Cory took a lot of time and effort, and Brittany was extremely helpful and patient with his quirks and struggles. I never thought he’d be calm enough to go to restaurants and breweries with me, and now he’s almost always the perfect one there.

- Jessica C.

I recommend Brittany to anyone/everyone I know who needs a dog trainer. My dog, Kenny, has worked with her since he was 16 weeks old- Brittany has been a godsend during every step of his development! No matter what issue we’re facing is she’s knowledgeable and able to help. Brittany taught has Kenny basic manners, crate training, calming behaviors, helped curb his constant barking, and turned him into a trick dog!

- Autumn K.

Brittany is the best! She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and adaptable in her training. She really investigates the whole situation from both the pup and person’s perspective in order to provide the best possible solutions and training for your specific needs and goals. When people see my pup and I working and playing together in the park they are amazed and often walk up and ask me HOW!?! I tell em @thecitycollies :)


Working with her has changed both my situation and outlook on life with my pup and now I feel like I have the perfect companion and anything is possible with her help!

-Arshan y.

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